14-year-old Phoenix boy shoots armed intruder while babysitting siblings


()   On Friday, a 14-year-old Phoenix boy shot and nearly killed an armed intruderMy Fox Phoenix reported Friday.

The unidentified boy was babysitting his three younger siblings, ages 8, 10 and 12, when a woman rang the doorbell.

The young man did not open the door because he did not recognize the woman.

According to reports, the knocking turned into banging, and the boy rushed his siblings upstairs and grabbed his father’s handgun.

While at the top of the stairs, he saw an armed man break into the house through the front door.

Without hesitating, he fired at the intruder, wounding him. According to authorities, the intruder never fired a shot.

The unidentified 37-year-old man was taken to a hospital for treatment and is expected to survive, the Associated Press reported. The man’s name is being withheld until he is booked into jail on counts of aggravated assault and burglary. Police say they still do not know the man’s intentions.

Police are still looking for the woman, who got away.

“The police and indeed our community does not ever want to see a situation where a teenager of that age has to take a weapon to protect his family … but this young man did exactly what he should have done,” said Officer James Holmes.

“I’m not sure he gave full thought about what he had to do. He just acted.”

Members of the unidentified family were too traumatized to speak with reporters about the incident.

“The dad was pretty much out of his mind with distress, officers couldn’t even talk to him,” Officer Holmes said. “It’s going to take them a while to recover mentally.”

According to Officer Holmes, the couple took “a heck of a gamble” going after a house that sits mid-block at 4:30 in the afternoon, but said the family is lucky the young man acted so swiftly and effectively.

“As ugly as this is, and as much as this family is going through, we don’t have injured children on our hands,” he added.

According to Fox, authorities say anyone with information should contact Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.

There are still a “lot more questions than answers” at this time, Fox reported.


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12 Responses to 14-year-old Phoenix boy shoots armed intruder while babysitting siblings

  • And this is why the government wants to dump the second amendment!!

    The government do NOT want We the People to be able to DEFEND themselves.

    We the People need to FIGHT to KEEP the second amendment because it is your right to have a gun to DEFEND yourselves.

    And yet all the propaganada insists that if "We the People" have guns, then we the people will run around killing people.

    No its the government that is running around killing people!!!!


  • The parents of this young boy should be bursting with pride of their son, and consider themselves blessed that he possesses the strength of mind to have resisted the psychological neutering of the media and educational system that would have otherwise had him both sissyfied and devoid of common sense, rendering him incapacitated to protect himself and his siblings. The boy’s intelligence and character was every bit as critical as his access to a gun.

  • Well done, young man! Rule #1 of any personal-security crisis:
    Knowing the police are, at best, minutes away, quickly choose to become a) a victim, or b) a survivor.

    This is not a knock against police officers, as I believe the vast majority are integrious and trustworthy. However, only rarely do police prevent crimes; instead, they typically track down the correct perpetrator and introduce him/her to the criminal justice system.

    Funny how the good deeds of prepared, law-abiding survivors/citizens get ZERO attention from mainstream media… Guess it doesn’t quite fit their agenda. And since apparently 75% of mainstream media side with the man serving(?) the honorable office of US President, the facade and brainwashing continue as does the attack on the Constitution. All the while, the Judiciary, our next-to-last bastion against runaway gov’t, tyranny, and oppression, do nothing but cower in the shadow of their own egos. Where are the checks and balance?

  • Good for that kid, but this happened in June. The stories you linked to show the correct date. For you to post this as if it just recently happened is a lame attempt at maximizing on the deaths at Sandy Hook to further your agenda. Shameful. The story itself would have been good enough without you stooping to the level that you did.

  • Oh look, an assumption. And as is normal with assumptions, it is wrong.

  • This story is from last summer. Might be a good idea to specify that, being that the content is copied directly from the June 2012 stories.

  • Bravo young man…. I’m only sorry you had to experience this horrific moment in your young life….

  • Hey guys,
    Thank you to a majority of you especially TardusUnuw and Francesca Thomas. This helped so much with my debate on whether guns are good or bad. Thank you heaps! And also good on you kid!

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