10 Foot Camera Towers on unmarked cars in Canada

EDITORS NOTE: The following was sent to us from Canada recently about the city of Nanaimo BC using unmarked vehicles, not city vehicles with a mounted camera tower to survey the city for “tax purposes”.  Just in case any of the frogs in the pot haven’t noticed, all of these incursions on our privacy keep coming to us in the form of tax purposes or to protect us, if they really wanted to protect us they would let us do it ourselves because they have proven time and time again that they can only help us after the fact in most cases.  And as far as tax purposes go, how much taxpayer money is waisted on shit like this?  Tens of thousands of dollars spent just to do simple tax assessments that the city normally does with city employees and marked city vehicles yearly anyway?  The math doesn’t add up, unless they are spying and conducting unwarranted surveillance, then it makes perfect sense.


One day 3 weeks ago I was returning home from the hospital,and heading back thru the residental area(30 kph) when a small older model car passed me with a 10ft tower with 4 high tech cameras mounted on its roof, facing all directions and I noticed no ad verts on the vehicle?  The following week there was an article in our local rag about property assesments are being done with roadside camera, quite possible but why did the City of Nanaimo not use there own vehicles, instead a old car, the job was not posted in city employment ad as contract?  Google earth has its vehicles with its logo on them, could be quite explainable I guess , but a little unsettling otherwise’

Nanaimo, BC, Canada

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